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Do You Have A Business Exit Strategy?

Do You Have A Business Exit Strategy?

In actuality, business exit planning begins with the decision by the business owner that says: “Yes, I will begin a plan to exit my business, even if that date is five to ten years away”.  Your business has provided you with a stream of income for many years.  For most business owners, a great deal of their personal wealth is tied up in their business.  Your business is not just “a job”; it’s “an investment.”  Begin to create a plan to convert this very valuable, but non-liquid investment into a stream of income that […]

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What is Probate? Why do I need to know about it?

“Probate”: What is it? Why do I need to know about it?

Once a good friend asked me, “What is Probate? Is it a part of your body that develops cancer? “No, that’s your prostate”, and the “probate process” is not about the spread of a kind of cancer either.  As funny as the question may seem, I get many similar blank looks when I tell someone at a party that one of the specialties of our law firm is the practice of probate law.

Simply put, “Probate” is the legal process that occurs upon the death of an individual […]

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The Probate Process in Georgia

The Probate Process in Georgia

Probate of wills is usually not an expensive or time-consuming process in Georgia, where the Will has been prepared by an attorney with experience in Will drafting. In our firm, we have been preparing Wills for clients for over twenty-five years.

In Georgia, there is no state tax on “probate assets” as in Florida and many states in the Northeast.

The preparation of a well drafted Will and the execution of the Will under the supervision of a lawyer with experience in estate planning is also perhaps the best defense of your estate. […]

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A Divorce Doesn’t Have to be a Battle

Professional people and business owners often fear that divorce will weaken or destroy their practice or their business and leave them with a greatly diminished ability to meet the financial needs of their loved ones. Unfortunately, this fear is often quite justifiable in a world where unscrupulous divorce attorneys are willing to utilize every legal tactic available to attack the earning capacity of the other spouse in an effort to force an unjust or greatly disproportionate division of marital assets.

Representing business owners and professionals in divorce and child custody cases often involves not only extensive trial and litigation experience, but […]

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Buying and Selling a Business

Buying or Selling a business is one of the most important decisions a business person can make. Yet, too often these decisions are made without the assistance of a qualified business attorney. In order to prepare a business for sale, a business owner may need to update his ownership documents and make decisions regarding accounting issues as well.

At McKenzie Law Associates, we have a well-established relationships with a number of well qualified accountants, who are “Certified Public Accountants” or “CPA”. Every business owner looking to sell his business within 3 years should consult with a qualified business attorney […]

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