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Using Lawyers on Business Contracts

Far too often in my practice, I am presented by clients with large contracts involving thousands of dollars for services or fees which were simply signed by the client without consulting a business attorney. The resistance of business owners against consulting a lawyer before signing substantial contract seems to be threefold:

  • The business owner wants to get the deal done quickly so he can begin work and reap the expected monetary benefits of the contract;
  • The owners does not believe the other contracting party will accept changes, and
  • The owner’s concern regarding the cost of the lawyer’s time.

In reviewing any contract, a business […]

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Why Wills Are Important?

  • If you or a loved one has an existing Will and want to make changes, DO NOT mark or write on the existing original Will. This will VOID or INVALIDATE the Will. Contact our firm and schedule an appointment. We can quickly advise you how the changes can be made.
  • Any family in Georgia needs estate planning if their estate exceeds $100,000, including Life Insurance.
  • Any husband and wife with children need Wills because if the husband or wife die without a Will and leave a spouse with two children surviving, the surviving spouse will receive only a child’s share (in the […]
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