Business Formation and Preservation

What is Business Formation and Preservation?

Our firm assists businesses ranging from start-ups to mid-size businesses with multi-state locations with matters involving Business Formation, LLC, Corporation, Preservation, Shareholder Agreements, and/or modification of existing business entity to accommodate different levels of business ownership.

Our business formation work often involves the completion of key set-up steps for clients who have used business formation services available on the Internet. Key omissions found include:

  • Failure to issue stock or membership units for new corporation or new LLC.
  • Failure to adjust LLC Operating Agreement to specific business needs.
  • Failure to include restrictive covenants to prevent shareholders or LLC members from leaving and taking business opportunities or competing with the original business entity
  • Failure to include proper by-laws or specify voting requirements on key business issues.

Our Offer: We will review your corporate or LLC formation documents at No Charge and provide a written evaluation of proposed corrective actions with an estimate of costs regarding the same.

  • We find defective incorporation issues even with business of three or more business professionals, including accounting firms, engineers, architects and even other law firms.
    In these economic times, the last thing your business needs is incomplete documents that can lead to an internal dispute or litigation.
  • In our experience, incomplete corporate or LLC documents invite or prolong shareholder or member disputes because the rights and/or remedies of the parties are not clearly specified.

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