What is Child Custody and Family Law?

Professional people and business owners often fear that divorce will weaken or destroy their practice or their business and leave them with a greatly diminished ability to meet the financial needs of their loved ones. Unfortunately, this fear is often quite justifiable in a world where unscrupulous divorce attorneys are willing to utilize every legal tactic available to attack the earning capacity of the other spouse in an effort to force an unjust or greatly disproportionate division of marital assets.

Representing business owners and professionals in divorce and child custody cases often involves not only extensive trial and litigation experience, but also access to an array of accounting and business valuation experts, including qualified financial neutrals. The recent increase in the use of trained accountants, who have qualified as “Financial Neutrals”, represents a very viable alternative for couples who are looking for complete financial disclosure, and a less-combative, less expensive, and less time consuming process which does not leave the scars of a long and bitter divorce battle. The legal professionals of McKenzie Law Associates strongly endorse the use of qualified Financial Neutrals or other accounting professionals who will agree to adhere to guidelines which protect the confidentiality of the financial disclosures made by the parties under cooperative law principles, and offer financially neutral advice as to how the parties can best disentangle their financial assets. Please feel free to contact our office and allow us to explain how this process can work.

With over 35 years of law practice experience, McKenzie Law Associates have developed a network of trusted professionals in accounting, and business valuation to provide the highest quality of services available.

The general philosophy of our firm in Divorce or Family Law matters is first and foremost to protect and safeguard the rights of our client. In this process, our firm encourages parties going through a divorce to respect the other party, regardless of the past. Particularly if children are involved, we encourage our clients to maintain a working, cordial relationship with the other party as future decisions regarding the welfare and education of the children, and the exercise of visitation will require a relationship where communication is critically important.

  • Our firm has handled divorces, child custody and other family law matters for over twenty-three years.
  • Our firm philosophy toward divorce and child custody matters is to attempt, through negotiation, mediation, or collaborative law agreements to minimize the need for a court hearing in order to avoid trauma for the children and the parties involved.
  • If efforts of mediation and other dispute resolution have been attempted or deemed unworkable and a court hearing or jury trial is necessary, our firm draws upon thirty-three years of litigation experience to insure that you are afforded a fair and impartial hearing on the issues to be resolved.
  • Many divorce attorneys lack the experience with business litigation and/or business valuation methods which our firm has.
  • Where the husband or wife involved in a divorce also owns all or a substantial percentage of a business, the valuation of that business interest may be a key issue in a divorce. Our firm has the knowledge and network of competent valuation experts in order to insure that the rights of our client are protected.
  • Our firm also has considerable expertise in handling child custody issues which may develop following a divorce.
  • Once children reach the age of twelve years old, the courts will give increasing consideration to the wishes of the child in considering a change of the custodial parent.
  • Children who are fourteen years of age or over have a substantial ability to select their custodial parent, upon approval by the court. This issue often arises with male children who have been in the custody of their mother but wish to reside with the father. Our firm has extensive experience in assisting fathers in these child custody matters.
  • Our rates for divorce, child custody, and other family law matters are negotiable but are not intended to compete with the flat fee quotes offered on billboards or by attorneys with little experience in such matters. Please contact us for more information on rates for specific services.