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It is critical that you keep your wills and other key estate planning documents up-to-date.   At MLAPC, we recommend that you have your wills reviewed every three to five years.  Choices for executors or trustees of your estate that made sense five or more years ago may not make sense today.  We offer all existing clients and prospective clients a free 30-minute consultation to review wills and consider changes that may be necessary now.

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Financial Institutions have tightened the rules governing financial powers of attorney, requiring such documents to be very specific about the powers conveyed, and the financial agent must sign a separate document accepting his role as your financial agent if the need as arises. MLAPC prepares a Financial Power of Attorney for all estate planning clients that meet these tougher criteria required by banks, brokerage firms, and other financial institutions Your free 30-minute consultation at MLAPC will address this issue.

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The State of Georgia is a Probate State.  That means if you are married and have two children and die without a will, your wife will be treated as one of your children and will receive only one-third of your estate in this case.  Worse, if your children are minors, your wife may not qualify to serve as the Conservator to manage the other two-thirds of your estate, and an attorney that you don’t know, known as a County Administrator, may be appointed to serve as Conservator for the portion of your estate that goes to your children.  Worse still, if your children are over 18, or in their early 20’s, such children would receive their share of your estate outright regardless of whether they are ready to manage such money at that age.  The frequent result: your child’s share of your estate could be gone by the time such child is 30 years of age.

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Do-it-yourself online companies are not lawyers!  These companies make it clear in their advertising and materials that they are not giving you legal advice.  They state that they are only providing forms that may or may not fit your circumstances.   Furthermore, certain individuals you know should not be witnesses to your execution of your will.   Wills must be executed with particular formalities that only estate planning attorneys really know and follow. Don’t fall victim to the enticing advertising to do-it-yourself – many of these Wills are not accepted by the court for the very reason that most people do not know the important requirements for a Last Will and Testament.     These questions can be answered by attorneys who regularly engage in estate planning as part of their practice.

I hope these tips are helpful.  We urge you to act on them and don’t let yourself or your family be a victim of poor planning.

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