Why Wills Are Important?

Importance of Wills
  • If you or a loved one has an existing Will and want to make changes, DO NOT mark or write on the existing original Will. This will VOID or INVALIDATE the Will. Contact our firm and schedule an appointment. We can quickly advise you on how the changes can be made.
  • Any family in Georgia needs estate planning if their estate exceeds $100,000, including Life Insurance.
  • Any husband and wife with children need Wills because if the husband or wife dies without a Will and leave a spouse with two children surviving, the surviving spouse will receive only a child’s share (in the case where there are two children, one-third of the estate) and guardians at litem (court-appointed attorneys) will be appointed to represent the minor children in an administration proceeding.
  • If a husband and wife with children both die in a common disaster, such as an auto accident, without Wills, the probate court in the county where they resided will appoint the legal guardians for the children and a conservator who will manage any assets that they inherit.
  • If a husband and wife with children each have a Will, they select the guardians for their children if both parents die, and they (by their Wills) select who will manage their estate assets for the benefit of their children.
  • Single parents need a Will even more than couples to ensure that the best-qualified individuals are appointed as guardians/trustees for surviving children.
  • The Wills prepared by our firm are always executed in the presence of an attorney and two impartial witnesses to ensure that the Wills are legally valid. Internet firms that offer “simple wills” do not give legal advice and cannot ensure that the wills they prepare are executed with the appropriate formalities to be valid.
  • Wills drafted by our firm contain “self-proving” provisions so that probate of the Will does not require that the original witnesses be found in most cases.
  • Wills prepared by our firm contains a number of key provisions that streamline the probate process and dramatically decrease the involvement of the probate judge and the need for any formal hearing, except in usual cases.
  • Our firm’s “simple will package” includes: a simple Will (which may or may not contain a trust for children); a Durable General Power of Attorney; and an Advance Healthcare Directive (which specifies who will make crucial choices if you have a terminal condition and are unable to communicate with your doctor). Prices available upon request.
  • For individuals or couples with assets that equal or exceed $2,000,000 (including your business, 401(k) accounts, IRAs, and life insurance) more advanced will documents may be required to avoid the imposition of Federal estate taxes. Guidance by an attorney is strongly recommended where an individual’s or a couple’s estate equals or exceeds $2,000,000.
  • In considering whether your estate equals or exceeds $2,000,000, be sure to include the amount of any death benefit payable at the time of your death from any life insurance product

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